Tire service Pneumaster Waldemar Kasperek

The enterprise Pneumaster is working and dynamically developing since 2012 when it was founded. Built on the basis of experts working for years in tyres enterprises e.g. In factory Man, service of Renault, DAF and for several years truck transport and in logistics area. Practical experience which has been gained so far is supported by a theoretical acquired during numerous trainings. Our experience and trainings are confirmed by certification companies MICHELIN or TIP TOP.

About our work

We are at your disposal 24h/7. We are providing services for a wide range of vehicles like: cars, buses, trucks, coaches. Working in all conditions and at any time is our motto. That is possible due to the difference between the competitorn which is the form of our fleet services – mobility. It means every work can be done basically next to your home, work, hotel, etc. even on the highway, no breakdown on the road can surprise us. We build our image via quality and professionalism.

About us

We are also fans of the whole area of Motorsport, we can easily say: „petrol flows through our veins”. We are doing our work with passion, our experience and competitions are based not only on changing tires – give yourself a try, trust us and we will do the rest.

Call us 24h/7 Tel.: 791 305 030


Waldemar Kasperek

ul. Sikorskiego 11
32-400 Myślenice
E-mail: biuro@pneumaster.pl
Phone hotline 24H: 791 305 030

NIP: 681-101-43-58
Bank account number: 45 1050 1445 1000 0092 7434 0828